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Is the Tao of badass right for you?

Are you a person who keeps thinking about women but never able to approach them, just because you are afraid of what might go wrong? What will happen if she’ll say no to you? What will happen if she’ll insults you? If you are looking for a helpful partner who will guide through all the problems related to Women, then The Tao Of Badass is the one book for you.

With The Tao of Badass, you not only learn what you need to become a women’s desire but you will learn how to approach a girl and make the most of opportunities given to you. This book gives you confidence to talk to women, how to make an impression without being cheesy and how to become a person who is not only a Man but a Man every woman wants to be with.

You may be a person who is already filled with confidence and know how to talk to girls but talking to a girl is not all you want. You have to make an impression to take your relation to a next level, to make a girl really crazy for you, to make her believe that you are the one for her. The Tao of Badass is all about this magic. It’s not only just about how you should be in front of girls, it is also about how you should be when you are not with them and still making the same impact.

Josh Pellicar who is author of The Tao of Badass has himself tried and tested all the ways that he has mentioned in this book. He has dated hundreds of women and none of them complained about him. He has mentioned that the main problem men have is not how they look but it’s just their state of mind on how they are looking and how opposite sex will think about them and their looks. It’s really your state of mind, if you believe that you are too good for that girl then you have already pushed yourself towards winning that girls heart.

One interesting thing that has been mentioned in the book is how a woman behaves when she is being approached by a woman. When you are moving towards a girl, she knowing that you are coming for her and she develops a shield around her which can only be broken by making a proper impression which is only possible with good body language and ample amount of confidence to handle a girl’s questions. (more…)

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Capture His Heart, But Don’t Be Fake

capture his heartIn order to capture a man’s heart you must first and foremost believe in yourself, exuding an ample amount of confidence without going over board. Don’t try and come off as arrogant or edgy, rather smile your best smile and laugh loud in a humble fashion. You must also be honest from the get go because portraying someone you are not will be exposed over time.

Finding your voice and being playful when speaking allows any insecurities you may have to instantly dissipate. If you really want to capture his heart you need to be able to communicate effectively while remaining open-minded. Men want an easy-going woman that conveys optimism, support, love and gratitude. They want their equal that shares their views, values, beliefs and convictions.
There will always be instances where we will “agree to disagree” but that’s where the fun comes in Open debates or conversations on a friendly and interested level promotes an amazing relational health. Try not to be argumentative or negative when stating your opinion as that is a huge turn off. Put your pretty face on when he walks in the door, even if you’re feeling otherwise. Text him a random “Hi, I love you” throughout each day. Praise your man when he’s done something thoughtful, which will cultivate an abundance of romance. Men desire and deserve respect so offer it generously.

Be nice, dress nice and smell nice as that will prove to him that you care and show him that yes, you are indeed trying to capture his heart. Make sure to take the time for quality one on one time because as we know, life gets in the way and makes alone time hard to come by Finally, if you want to capture a man’s heart please, just be yourself. It is true that Men are from Mars but it’s a good thing, in contrast, that Women are from Venus. That gives us time to learn, grow, believe and love–each other’s hearts.

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The Tao of Badass dating guide review

the tao of badassHow many times have you felt dejected in your life? How many times did you try to make another effort but that wasn’t worth? How many times you consoled yourself that one day I’ll get over with it? I’m sure innumerable times you must have fought with your thought-process. Each of us does. Believe me, I did too. The Tao of Badass is an awesome book which has been introduced by dating and sex guru Joshua Pellicer. It brings the best solutions to make it a win-win situation. (more…)

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Dating Tips for Men

Relationship status and standards these days is in its most variant form. Dating is again a start to a pleasant and worth relationship. Though dating in today’s society isn’t easy but still following certain tips and strategies you can master the term dating.

Getting a suitable partners into your life is some how difficult and but with the use of dating tips almost everyone can make the things go easy for them. The one common problem with dating tips is that they usually come from family and friends. These are people who already know and love you. They are more of aware about your nature and characteristics that you possess with regard to any relationship. But the fact is that they aren’t going to be dating you.

The most helpful dating tips that you can get is from the sources and people who are unaware of you. There are many online dating tip websites that are helping millions in this concern. It depends on the services and tips they provide that may or may not suit you. For some it may result better and for for some it won’t. So before making any purchase for such program do review it as per your needs.

Women certainly can have a hard time finding that special someone as they possess certain combination of choices that are often hard to find. It is usually up to the man to make the first move in way to accompany someone to start with a happy relationship. Approaching someone whom you don’t know can be a hard and sometimes an unpleasant experience. So there are certain tips that need to be follow before you make a move. These tips helps you find confidence in yourself and allows you to reach someone more confidently.

Dating tips for men are hard to get. Generally most men would like to know how to attract a woman even if they aren’t the most handsome man on the block. There are two different poles that these two gender move around. As a though from women’s point of view looks doesn’t matters but on the contrary part males thinks that yes the looks does matters. Dating tips helps you find some answers over these misconception.

The reason behind is that women’s emotions trigger feeling of attraction because of which looks are not the most important thing. You just have to command over the content that leads to trigger your women’s emotions. The best dating tip involves hitting first and fore mostly the women’s emotions. Learn how to communicate with women’s so that they can be more comfortable and open to you on sharing their thoughts.

These dating tips allows you to get a lady in your life. You just have to be confident and polite in your acts that you perform in front of the opposite gender.

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